How-To Install Tire Chains

How-To Install Tire Chains:

*Click the link above for photo walk-through.*

Step 1: Lay the chains flat behind the tire with the aggressive v-bar side of the chain and cross chain hooks facing down. Position quick hook on the inside of the tire and fastener on the outside. Remove all twists and tangles.

Step 2: Drape chains over tire as you laid out in Step 1. Position so chains touch the ground in front of the tire and tuck in the first cross chain slightly under the tire, prep to roll tire over the chains.

Step 3: Roll the vehicle over the chains until the quick hook and fastener are positioned closer and both side chain ends are easily accessible. Adjust chains to align with the center of the tire.

Step 4A: (Inside of Tire) Inside first. Pull inner side chain tight and attach link to the quick hook. Note the number of links remaining.

Step 4B: (Outside of Tire) Count the same number of links on the outer side of the chain and place the end of the fastener through that link.

Step 4C: (Outside of Tire) Attach fastener under link on side chain. Tire chains should fit snug. REPEAT STEP 4 to tighten more.

Step 5: Test drive, inspect and re-tighten tire chains by REPEATING STEP 4 so chains fit snug around the tire. Make sure the quick hook and fastener are secure. Attach extra links back to the side chain with heavy duty cable ties.

Step 6: Add adjusters for more secure fit and to extend the life of your chains.



  • Deflate tires to install chains.
  • Drive over fasteners & hooks installing chains.
  • Install chains the wrong way.
  • Install broken chains.
  • Drive with broken chains.
  • Drive with snow chains on bare pavement.
  • Use tire chains when towing other vehicles.
  • Hit curbing with chains on.
  • Accelerate rapidly.
  • Spin tires.
  • Exceed 30 mph.